Popcorn Pottery Bowl Gift Set

Popcorn Pottery Bowl Gift Set


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Product Description

The Fresh Popcorn Stuffed Pottery Bowl Gift Set includes all your favorite flavors of popcorn by Fireworks Popcon packaged in an attractive Rowe Pottery Bowl. This popcorn lovers’ gift set contains the following: one 15 oz. bottle of Wisconsin White Birch Popcorn, pops up white, light and crispy, with a sweet mild flavor; one 15 oz. bottle of Red River Valley, a dark, rich and red kernel variety known for its refined taste and crisp texture; one 4 oz. bag of Savanna Gold, popcorn with a creamy chewy texture and mellow flavor so sweet it’s like you have buttered it; one 4 oz. bag of High Mountain Midnight, a variety of blue corn that pops up larger than most blues, and features a wild, robust flavor; one 4 oz. bag of Autumn Blaze, a dual-colored popping corn, small, sweet and crunchy; one 4 oz. bag of Sunset Fire, kernels with hues of gold and red pop light and fluffy with a full, mellow flavor; one 3.9 oz. bottle of Popcorn Salt, salt ground extra fine so it sticks to your popcorn; one 1.8 oz. bottle of White Cheddar flavoring, made with real cheese; and one 1.95 oz. bottle of Butter Burst flavoring, made with real butter to help you shake on the flavor, not the calories. This popcorn assortment all arrives in one beautiful hand made and hand-painted 3 Quart Rowe Pottery Bowl with authentic salt glaze finish, 9″ in diameter.


  • A beautiful 9-inch diameter pottery bowl will last long after the popcorn is gone
  • 3 quart Rowe Pottery Bowl with Fresh Popcorn drawn on the front
  • Includes 6 varieties of popping corn and 3 varieties of seasoning
  • Great for families that like sitting down and watching movies together
  • A great gift idea for any special occasion!